the joy of housekeeping


Scott knew me so well. He knew I had to clean out the bag cupboard eventually.  Today is the day and in doing so I discovered the surprise. I pulled these bags out of the cupboard, got up on a step-stool to see if I got all of them. I spied this inside…

Written on a strip of watercolor paper that he tucked into the cabinet that day we left High Point to take the trip of a lifetime together…

My delight takes the form of crazy laughter and of tears. You see, I thought I had already found all of his notes to me. And that came with a certain finality that the game was over, the jig was up. The conversation finished.

Come to think of it…how do I know that he didn’t just slip it in there last night? As they say at Sur La Mer: Anything is possible. My conversation with the artist Scott Morgan continues.

7 thoughts on “the joy of housekeeping

  1. That is wonderful Katy!! How magical to receive a love note from on high!

    I put love notes in Jamie’s clothes and papers when he flies abroad. He just left me a surprise note on my pillow. Scott and Jamie have leaving love notes in common!

    The plastic bags inspire my artist-self. I choreographed a dance once with plastic bags and fans… I’d love to do it again…

    Ah…the joys of housekeeping!

    love, Karen


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