we remember erica

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Scott’s dear friends Vladmir Kagan and Erica Wilson peppered the lexicon of Scott’s storytelling. Scott used to stay at their NYC apartment from time to time. Vladi is perhaps the most iconic design icon of the contemporary furniture industry and certainly a hero of Scott’s. In the case of the Kagans, the Woman Behind the Man was just as legendary. Erica Wilson was an idol of mine long before I met Scott. Her needlework was inspiration for many of my sweater designs and her color palette of yarns at her famous shop launched many a collection on 7th Avenue. I wonder if she knew that we “borrowed” her hues? A most moving and uplifting tribute to his wife–gone 3 years now– can be found on Vladi’s Blog. Click Here and includes many fine old photographs from years gone by. The Kagans love story was legendary and continues to inspire.

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