don’t let it be forgot that once there was a spot…

I dreamed last night. I love a good dream! In my dream I was going to see Camelot at the Opera House in Stonington, Maine where I live in the summer. My friend Liam Neeson was starring and he had given me 3 tickets to go see it with friends. On the night of the performance I was unhappy with my hair and I rushed around looking for my special sparkly scarf from my trip to India. I became aware in my dream that I had written a blog post about coping with grief Liam Neeson-style and I made a note to myself to remember to ask Liam if he’d seen it.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 9.02.58 AM

Here’s a photo of Liam by Nigel Parry. He’s holding a gerbera daisy— I have these pink, red, and yellow daisies right now in a vase on my desk as I write this blog. I read in this interview that Liam has bonded with his late wife Natasha’s poodle. Somehow I knew dogs must figure in Liam’s life the way they do in mine. Scott brought me in to his magical pack along with Loolie and Hershey. I was a cat person when I met Scott. I’m pack leader now and doing all right, post-Camelot.

photo 1 - Version 2
Getting over a bad head cold this week (the first time I’ve caught one in 3 years…rocks must be steady) as Hannukah begins, Christmas is coming, and the New Year is knocking at the door. For me the new year includes continuing work on the book about the trip of a lifetime, savoring each memory that rises to be released onto the page; finding joy in the paint and my studio again; cherishing my extensive circle of family and friends. With friends like Liam Neeson, how can I go wrong?

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