christmas eve wishes for the world

I went back to look at what my post was last year and decided I couldn’t say it any better this year! Wishing all of my friends, family, and readers the happiest and healthiest of holiday season.

going to goa

Wishing all my friends and family and readers a season of great JOY and HEALTH and HOPE as we head into a NEW year!
sdm_floridaSECONDStarfish ©Scott Morgan 2013
May your STAR shine bright in the darkest night.
Let your heart be filled with LIGHT…
…and your eyes befall BEAUTY everywhere you look.
Even on the foreheads of your four-legged friends! (Christmas Color Bindhi Dogs, 2009).
DSCF1337A gift for fishgirl 2009
May your memories of Christmas past be HAPPY ones.
DSCF1339Christmas Card for Katy ©Scott Morgan 2009
And may CREATIVITY and ART inspire your future as we cross the bridge into 2014.

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