everything is everywhere

One of this blog’s readers sent me the link to “Everything is Everywhere” by Carrie Newcomer and told me this song reminded her of me and Scott. Was it the intro video with everyday scenes of India and her lyrical description of what she saw there? Was it the sitar player much like the wonderful guy I had come to Scott’s room to play for him? It is a beautiful song and it does resonate for me. Much like the song my old school chum Byon Yeatts created for us called “I Can Hear You Paint”.

I’ve been feeling Scott’s presence in my art studio with me. Nothing tangible, no unfound love notes or  butterflies. Just me losing all sense of time and getting lost in the paint the way he used to do.  I’ve gained representation by Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale Arizona with my ethereal abstract sky paintings a.k.a. Blue Series. I’m able to listen to music again. Maybe Scott can hear me paint?

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