One fine day this past August my dog Loolie and I heard a loud thump on a small window not of the type one would usually worry about as being a danger to birds. We did not investigate the cause of the noise until later when I went outside to water my garden.  I noticed a tiny bird […]

Second Design Scholarship Awarded in Scott’s Name

It is with great pleasure we announce that the Scott Morgan Design Scholarship winner for 2016 is Loreta Haaker. Loreta is the second recipient of our $5,000 award. . .

everything is everywhere

One of this blog’s readers sent me the link to “Everything is Everywhere” by Carrie Newcomer and told me this song reminded her of me and Scott. Was it the intro video with everyday scenes of India and her lyrical description of what she saw there? Was it the sitar player much like the wonderful […]


Believe it or not: a flurry of butterflies accompanied my taxi for the first mile as I left the hotel for the airport out of Goa. The cabbie pointed them out to me as he thought it was unusual. Ha! He had no idea just how unusual. The golden yellow dazzlers pulled me out of […]

the great ghatsby

Gallows humor can be pretty grim. Nobody does it better than artists. Here’s Scott’s latest visual commentary on the 7 month anniversary of his prognosis of …

portals & paintings

When he’s not painting, Scott and I have been streaming movies to watch online. We’ve been watching a wide assortment of genres and some are oldies, even watched a Silent Era version of Last of the Mohicans. We continue to be grateful for all the wonderful support and news and feedback we get from back home. When you are physically limited to one room it becomes even…