dropping anchor

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 8.30.02 AM
We have many artists living on our little piece of paradise in Deer Isle, Maine. One of them with the most unusual medium is Tim Whitten. Tim’s work is showcased at his shop Marlinespike Chandlery. Notice the beautiful ship’s anchor ‘dropped’ out front (and click here if you want to read how it got from my place to this place).

Tim’s shop features all kinds of maritime memorabilia and showcases his art: fancy nautical knotwork. It’s an almost-lost art that Tim taught himself after receiving a doctorate in mechanical engineering. Sailors of all nationalities–even the ones in Goa– used to pass their time knotting nets, handles for sea chests, ringers for bells…even whips. You’ll have to visit Marlinespike in Stonington to find out all about it.
Scott scooped up several of Tim’s pieces for an instant collection. It might have been because the bulbous knot at the end of the pieces is called a “monkey’s fist” and Scott had a soft spot for All-Things-Monkey. His monkey period was before he re-emerged with Bear energy. But that is a story for another day…

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