keys to my heart

I dreamed of a necklace a few nights ago. The focus was a red enamel heart tilted on its side with a key dangling off of it. I kept hearing a voice saying “You have the key to my heart”. This is what I sketched out the next day:
In my reverie over the course of the week I realized I have been living here in Maine with only one key to the house. It’s an inconvenient door on the rear of the house. That necessitates walking around to the back, up a flight of stairs, unchaining a gate to the deck, and coming inside via an awkward set of turns. Difficult to do with groceries etc. So instead, I’ve gotten into the pervasive islander habit of leaving my doors unlocked.

Yesterday I spent 2 hours going through about 100 keys. Scott saved every key from every home he ever lived in. Perhaps as a way of feeling a sense of permanence and safety. Or maybe out of sheer sentimentality. He had an abundance of that and this endeared him to me each time I witnessed it.

Eventually I found all of our original and replacement keys to every door of the house along with several that no longer worked.It’s not that I never had a set of my own keys. I did. Scott did. Somehow they got mixed up or the locks became jiggly so the keys would not fit. This is the human condition…to have our hearts broken and to believe that the keys to our hearts will no longer work. But if we realize that we have a Master Key we know our hearts can be mended and ANY key that is based in LOVE will open our hearts. Chakras wide open. This is how I want to live. And you?

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