farewell, blackstar

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This iconic artwork was created by graphic designer Jonathan Barnbrook for David Bowie’s latest and final album release, Blackstar. Today news broke of the Starman’s death from an 18 month fight with #cancer. He was only 69.

The lines were around the block 6 people deep at the ticket booth for Madison Square Garden. David Bowie’s Serious Moonlight Tour July 1983. I stood online by myself from 4PM throughout the night until 6AM the next day. A news crew was filming the crowd by the time I got up to buy my tickets. I bought as many as I was allowed so I could re-sell them to my friends later. I turned around, gripping tickets tightly to transfer to my purse, not wanting someone to come up and snatch them from me. Gold. Bowie tickets. A microphone was shoved in my face: “How does it feel to have bought the last tickets available for this Bowie concert?!” TV cameras rolling and I don’t recall what I said. I’m surprised I didn’t faint. David Bowie! I’m going to see David Bowie!

Sending love to the artist’s family in their time of grief.

2 thoughts on “farewell, blackstar

    • Just trying to make sense of it all…how we are all connected to one another and to Great Spirit. We intersect each others lives at crucial junctions. Without the gender bending pioneering of Ziggy Stardust there might never have been the acceptance of Caitlin Jenner that there is today. Had I not been exposed to the album covers of David Bowie in high school I might never have had the imagination or courage to move from a tiny town in NH to the big city of Manhattan to follow art, design, fashion. Another example, I look at Mr. Bowie’s video for “Lazarus” which he sings from a deathbed in the film which turns out to be literal after all and all I can see is Scott doing the same with the songs he sang from his Goan bed as he was dying all the while…it’s uncanny.



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