One fine day this past August my dog Loolie and I heard a loud thump on a small window not of the type one would usually worry about as being a danger to birds. We did not investigate the cause of the noise until later when I went outside to water my garden.  I noticed a tiny bird lay motionless on the deck. Dead. Still warm when I held it in my hands, her bright yellow breast so beautiful against an olive green jacket.

Google helped me identify the bird as a “Mourning Warbler”.  Such a clear message from beyond: time for the mourning in me to die. Its timing was impeccable, coming as it did three weeks before the third anniversary of Scott’s passing.  I had never heard of one nor seen a bird like this before in my life until that day. I buried the Mourning Warbler in my garden so that my floral earth canvas might be nourished by her sacrifice.

In retrospect, many splendid healing moments have brought me back to my true self again and I finally know happiness once more. But recognizing the blatant symbolism of the Mourning Warbler was the precise turning point for me. I knew then that I had finally found my way back to inner peace.

I completed a painting this week and have received the perfect title for it. Nepenthe. It’s a painting of an actual sunset over Deer Isle, Maine. I’m told Nepenthe means a place to leave ones sorrows behind. It is also the name of one of Scott’s favorite retail haunts in Big Sur. Voila!

Nepenthe ©katy allgeyer 2016

7 thoughts on “nepenthe

  1. Katy, Ray and I absolutely love your NEPENTHE sunset painting from Deer Isle. Our FAVORITE place we have ever stayed is Post Ranch Inn, in Big Sur. We always have a meal or two at Nepenthe and visit the shop, as well. Is the painting for sale or is it a “keeper” for you? We certainly understand, if it is. But perhaps it could be cloned?? IF it might be for sale, would you send us the particulars regarding size, price, etc. We think it might be a very special Christmas gift to each other…. Hope all is well with you. We have been having amazing April weather in November here in Chicago. And there has been SO much excitement because of the Cubs winning the World Series.. Take care, Judy nod Ray

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  3. Happy that your moving forward and leaving the sadness and continuing to carry the love inside your heart as you claim the happiness you deserve that you so readily share with all those around you.Its been a very rough year for you. My one wish for you is that you continue to shine:) Paula


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