somebody to love


Scott told me “two hearts are better than one”. Then he gave me these Chinese silk embroidered ear warmers and the rest is history. What I did not notice until recently is that there are 3 butterflies on each blue border rendered in side view so they are very subtle. The butterflies were with us throughout this journey of two hearts and the trip of a lifetime. They continue to uplift my spirit whenever I see them in nature or in art.

Butterflies in Chinese symbology represent love, specifically young love. Happily flitting from flower to flower – it signifies a happy social life for the young and young- at-heart. Chinese legend has it that the Butterfly symbolizes an undying bond between lovers. All romantics-at-heart would do well to place an image of a Butterfly in their home. A perfect gift for a new couple is this design for the couple’s home. Representative of the Yang energy, this symbol can energize you or a loved one, it reminds us of the energy of love. The same is true of the heart shape which is why it’s used in feng shui to activate love energy.

So if you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, keep butterflies and hearts in mind and as Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane famously sang, you better find somebody to love.





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  1. Love getting these . You and scooter packed More life and journeys into a few years than Most people do in a lifetime. It’s interesting That you keep finding mementos and reminders…. The love between you will always live on as you clearly had such a strong relationship. The butterfly is clearly your angle of love!! Happy Valentine’s Day ! DR

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