dreams of the last butterflies

Few symbols can capture the essence of life-death-transformation-rebirth as well as the butterfly can.

If you’re like me, you’ve noticed that there were far fewer butterflies enjoying your garden this summer. Like the bees, they are disappearing at an alarming rate.

Dreams of the Last Butterflies is a remarkable 9 minute short film that shines a sunbeam on the butterflies’ plight through stunning theatrical costumes, dance, music, and spoken word. It was created by filmmaker Zina Brown. I met Zina and his wife Kai Altair (who stars as one of the butterfly queens in the film) at a very special gathering of dreamers last weekend in upstate New York. We were there with thirty others at the invitation of dream shaman Robert Moss. Much magic occurred on the mountaintop where we gathered. I was reminded that I can fly. We can fly–watch:

Dreams of the Last Butterflies from Zina Brown on Vimeo.

 Click here for a glimpse of how butterflies entered our going to goa journey. Also you can do a search on the goingtogoa.com blog for “butterflies” and at least 3 pages of blog post links featuring the topic will come up for you to read at your leisure.

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