dreaming from outer space

Untitled ©Katy Allgeyer 2017     (60″ x 36″ Acrylic on Canvas)

On November 20, 2016 I took part in a dream circle on Garnet Hill in upstate New York led by shaman Robert Moss. The last circle dream assignment we were given was to dream for the future of the world five years from now. This is what I saw in my visonary dream:

Grassroots Planet is in My Hands

Each of us a blade of grass. Grass completely covers the earth sphere like a fast-growing Chia Pet carpet. From my vantage point of outer space I see the blue marble earth quickly being overcome by the grass blanket. Suddenly my vantage point changes. I am in the earth. I see the roots of the grass growing deep into rich soil, interconnecting like a carpet weave.

Again my vantage point shifts gears and now the view is from the mountain itself. This mountain rises up…a huge turtle with gleaming garnet eyes. Next thing I see is The Deer Headed Man riding the turtle across the night sky, cold snow and colder stars lighting his way. I approach Deer Headed Man. He deep kisses me with snake tongue. Dizzy with delight, I see the back of a woman dressed in red at a podium before a massive gathering of people. I reach up to touch my own antlers. I am one with the Deer now.  ###

My new painting is an attempt at catching myself dreaming this dream. The leopard blanket, the Native American turtle and fur rattle, a turquoise snake eyes ring that my father gave me, and Scott’s ancient Tibetan shaman’s necklace were surrounding me with their energy as I embarked on this quest. Additionally, I soaked up inspiration for my new piece from Frida Kahlo‘s two paintings  The Wounded Deer and The Guardian.
Do you have a title suggestion for my painting?

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