from the silence

One of the great things about living on our island in Maine is the myriad of talent that resides there and the interesting people you bump into on trails and in cafes. Eryn/ Ahryan is one such artist. I met Eryn at the Stonington Farmers Market when I returned from our trip of a lifetime and she stopped by my art studio one day to see more of my work.

screen-shot-2017-01-10-at-3-09-18-pmBefore I left the summer in Maine behind me last October, I bought Eryn’s debut CD From the Silence, Ahryan. Since then I’ve listened to it repeatedly on several long road trips. It’s that kind of an album: the more you listen, the deeper into it you get and you can’t stop listening to it. Hypnotic, heartfelt, and a breath of fresh air (kind of like Maine…). Ahryan describes her lyrics as “Songseeds to be planted”. If that is not a poetic vision, I don’t know what is.  Check it out for yourself at


Here’s what Ahryan’s bio reveals:
A native of the Pacific Northwest, Eryn Klemenz (aka Ahryan) has always had a deep love for travel, nature, writing, and music. Her first songs were written as a young girl, and after dancing and exploring her way through a myriad of different cultures and places, she picked up the guitar in 2008 and began doing her own recordings and exploring her unique style of “poetry in motion.” After years of gypsy life, her wings meet roots as she now begins a family and garden of her own in New England. In her debut professionally recorded album “From the Silence” (recorded May 2016 in California), she unpacks her bags of Songseeds she has been carrying, and invites dreams to grow where they are planted, exploring what it means to be a human on a journey home to the heart. ###

A journey home to the heart. That about sums up the last 10 years of my life. Now I have the soundtrack to the journey.


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