Should you wish to contact Katy with condolences

Katy Allgeyer
528 E. Farriss Ave
High Point, NC 27262

323.309.1164 will be switched on Thursday 9/19

SKYPE: fishgirlLA (add us to your contact list….we are finally up n running)

Email Katy at:

FACETIME: we have it!

098 716 59541

FACEBOOK: Scott Morgan Fine Art page

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  1. Scotty, just got an email from Grant, he gave me the blog info. We are in Italy, back to Sag Harbor Monday and I will get all of this on my studio computer for better communication. Till then, I love you brother. DR


  2. Just going to bed after a full day but wanted to send you this link:

    to Nat King Cole singing Nature Boy. We must have listened to it 10 tomes and we both felt moved to send it to you.It reminded me of your singing with the piano Scott. The lyrics are pretty deep
    Ihope you were able to find some sleep last night.


  3. Dear Scott, It is so amazing and commendable for you to share this journey of your life with friends and loved ones. I really appreciate that day when you drove us to Ellsworth and shared the off-road sites and sights on the way there and back. Your spirit is bright and illuminating. I admire you! Avery


  4. YO! Scott! Please contact me at “”. I am taking Becky’s ashes to the Kumba Mela in March. I will be back in Goa next October….love to you and yours! from Doug Haney


  5. Dear Scott:

    I have been meaning to contact you for sometime as I got the news from Rick. I am glad that you are in a place and a country that you love with an incredible person. I have been just sitting here for the past two hours and reading your blogs. It is truly inspiring and humbling to say the least. Cheers, Raja


  6. Dear Scott
    I’ve wanted to email you so often but didn’t want to take away from your reading time with emails that would of had much more to say then I could ever put into words
    It is 11:20 pm here in San Antonio Texas where I’m visiting my son and his family. I find sleep difficult in coming tonight as I cannot get you and Katy off my mind. So, the words I finally found to say are these:
    During these past months of following your blog, I’ve seen so many things through a strangers eyes. I’ve seen love. That which you have for Katy, your art, India, your friends, family and life.
    I’ve seen and felt beauty through your words, art, and music
    I’ve seen strength, hope, courage and dignity as I read about your challenge to smile to the end.
    What it left me with are these words for you: ” A smile is the souls way of forming half a circle, waiting for it to be completed.”
    You’ve completed many many circles in this life time dear man and THAT is a legacy to be proud of!
    When your spirit rejoins others in the universe, we’ll all know you’re smiling down on us every time we see a newly painted sunrise or sunset!
    With love, awe and deep respect, I thank you for showing us how to smile!


      • Good day Scott and Katy
        Please know I didn’t ignore your reply. I honestly didn’t know it was there. I’m not very proficient at this blogging stuff. I started on here mainly to follow your journey. I saw a post that Katy made on Jean Fogelbergs site and that brought me to your story.
        In answer to your question as to who I am: I’m just me. Another soul just trying to better myself, and be enlightened to the lessons of this life.
        I’m a Mom if three fabulous adult children. Have 3 grandchildren and one on the way. Only one of them is a girl and she’s a hoot!!! She’s my little Indigo child. Only three years old and very smart and very ” intuned”.
        I also am fortunate to be married to the most wonderful man ever.
        I had mentioned in my email to you that I have MS but ironically, because of it, I have the best life ever. Prior to being diagnosed with it, I was/am an RN. Over the years I worked every area of medicine, working my way up to my dream job as a midwife. I had to quit working because of some of the challenges that the MS brought with it. As a result, I was forced to slow my life down and it allowed me the opportunity to spend more time with my family and just life in general. I started noticing life. The beauty this universe gifts us every day but we rarely slow down long enough to see it or appreciate it. While doing that, I started on a spiritually enlightening journey and tapped into parts of me that I always knew were there but never developed. I’m an empath, intuit healer and love being able to help people. This was quite an astonishing discovery for an ordinary gal from New Jersey!
        When I saw that you were going to GOA, I became so interested in your story. As an RN, I was always conflicted since I was always a strong believer in natural remedies when possible and saw how much more damage the medical profession had a tendency to incorporate without regard to the whole person. I would always encourage autonomy for my patients and ask them not to accept a doctor’s opinion as gospel.
        Around the same time that you started your trip, I was starting to explore the benefits if Ayurvedic Medicine and was so inspired to see the choices you were making concerning your cancer diagnosis.
        When I would read your posts, and see your lovely art work, I was so uplifted seeing how one person could make such a difference in this world.
        See if Katy can look up and play the song “Gold” by Linda Eder for you. The lyrics make me think of you and I hope you know that ” you once held the gold”
        I believe that passing onto our next journey has to be easier if we think we made a difference somehow in this life. I always thought that was a hard thing to accomplish because I kept thinking you had to do something really big. You showed me that one can make a big difference in the smallest of ways. The power of just a smile is something you brought to light for many. Smiles bring hugs, hugs bring good feelings and love. You’ve brought Love to the universe and I cannot help but believe that is what our souls purpose is.
        Your love of the international language of music has also had such a great impact.
        So, my reason for emailing you in the first place is to assure you that you will leave behind many positives. In the end, most people, in my experience, just want to know if they loved enough, cared enough, shared enough, lived enough,gave enough appreciated life enough. I’d say, from what I’ve seen in my limited knowledge of you, that you nailed it my friend!
        Thank you for sharing your journey. I’ve always wanted to visit India but the financial Gods aren’t showing that possibility in the near future but I was able to catch a feeling for it through your expressions of love for it ! 🙂
        Katy, you appear to be an exceptional human being in your own right as well. Each of you are lucky to have been able to share your love and memories.
        I have a dear dear friend from nursing school who is a certified oncology nurse administrator in Dallas. I’ve been telling her about you both and your ” smile to the end program”. Maybe we can get something moving here in the states. No promises but the thought is moving.
        Katy, I live on the coast of NC part time and also in Key West. If ever you need time at the beach, you are always welcome!
        God bless you both. You are in my thoughts, my prayers and in ” my smiles “!


      • Jeannie,

        As our friend Dan said, WOW!

        Scott was very moved when I read him your letter.
        Thank you for expressing your thoughts so clearly
        so we really understand your story. Taking away a
        poscottive from having MS is nothing short of
        heroic! You are obviously an amazing woman.
        I look forward to meeting you in NC one day.
        Meanwhile…yes! We would like to take Smile 2
        the End to USA asap. We are currently looking
        for a champion to spearhead the whole thing and
        run with it. We are not funded yet but we are open
        to ideas for crowdsourcing and grassroots level
        one venue at a time exhibitions. Scott wants so
        much to see his idea catch on! Please keep in touch
        and let us knowif any of your RN friends are interested.
        Katy & Scott


      • I think we all found the letter moving and wonderfully significant. This is such a lesson to us all. I feel so very fortunate to read these words every morning………..with heartfelt thanks xxoo R I Z


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