our ceremony on youtube!

We are so happy to share the video –click here— of our magnificent commitment ceremony with you. Please join us in thanking Joel Morgenstern in Israel for working with Jerry Mickelson in Chicago who asked his friend Andrew Kaplan ( in Cali?) to help us get the dvd translated to an uploadable file so it […]

we (heart) joel

Watercolor painting For Joel (c) Scott Morgan We can’t thank our dear friend Joel enough for making our cousin Jill’s beautiful ceremony script come alive for us this weekend. Joel read it with sensitivity, humor, and warmth….which he embodies. We think Joel might have a second career as an actor if he so desires. Scott […]

you are invited to our celebration ceremony

A Perfect Pair….Photograph by Scott Morgan Scott suggested we celebrate our union in his uniquely Aquarian way. This Piscean has what has been referred to as “a clean title”. Together we make a couple. This ceremony is to recognize that Scott and Katy have shared a life together and been there for each other through […]

standing on ceremony

Here’s a photo of Scott and Katy in our matching yukata robes with our dear friend Sanjiv looking like he wishes he had a robe, too…actually the story behind this picture is a funny one. A couple of weeks ago, Scott had planned a suprise ceremony to join us in unwedded bliss. Sanjiv and Aneel […]