Believe it or not: a flurry of butterflies accompanied my taxi for the first mile as I left the hotel for the airport out of Goa. The cabbie pointed them out to me as he thought it was unusual. Ha! He had no idea just how unusual. The golden yellow dazzlers pulled me out of […]


full circle (c) katy allgeyer 2013 Summers in Maine mean setting up my tent at the Stonington Farmers Market every Friday morning to showcase my paintings and send people back to my gallery. Scott usually joins me at the market to do our food shopping, hobnob with the regulars, and offer marketing tips to help […]

crazy wisdom

This is Scott hamming it up back home in High Point in front of his iMac built in camera. Just a typical morning where I would have just gotten up with a yawn but Scott would have already been up for hours playing. Always playing. Having fun. Entertaining himself and others. The chubby cheeks are gone but the Smile 2 the End is still …