sister love

Scott did this portrait of us awhile back and I just discovered it on his iPad. We said goodbye to his sister Lindy yesterday. That was very very hard to do. Although we have been extraordinarily open with our story up to this point, there are many more moments now of the sense that words are not adequate to express the enormity of the situation. Plus there are too many facets to it…where do I begin. I am daily moved by the kindness of strangers, both here in Goa and globally in the blogosphere. I am bowled over continually by the outpouring of love and grace from family and friends–his, mine, ours– and unexpected places. …

ping pong pass-along

Scott and I made a decision to donate our ping pong table to the Goa Marriot Resort & Spa staff recreation room because we have been here over 4 months and have been receiving service and personal attention beyond the call of duty. The hotel is staffed with talented young people, many of whom have been promoted and moved away during our residency here. They are young go-getters and eager t