Over 4 years back, it was difficult to source art materials in Goa. I wrote at the time that The Art Shoppe was the only art store around for art supplies. Since then, Panjim is bustling with activity: a gigantic super bridge is being constructed over the river, Manipol Hospital has a fancy new facility…and, […]

our panjim palace

Scotto Morgani 1602 (c) Scott Morgan 2013 When we woke up this morning we were in a large comfortable space with two of everything: two beds, two tv’s, two bathrooms, two desks, and one kitchenette. The confluence where river meets sea is right outside our room a few yards away. Whitecapped waves crest out in […]

panjim posse

These guys probably already have posted this pic on their facebook pages with their spin on it….LOL…but here is what really happened. We went to Panjim and Old Goa today by taxi to see the Heritage Site cathedral and the Santa Monica Convent Christian Art Museum. We passed these fellows and they politely asked me […]