dream connections

Yesterday a body of a drowned young 20 year old man washed up on shore right at the beach in front of our hotel. Apparently two brothers from Hyderabad were going to goa and were on the Casino Royale (maybe even playing roulette) and after awhile went out on deck to a restricted area. A slip into the river with the strong current…


roulette pressure

How does blood pressure relate to roulette? As many of you know, I had a pretty large collection of casino chips from casinos around the world. When we left High Point I gave away 75% of those along with parts of my tie collection to all who attended the going away party (including one big chip to pal Raymond Waites). When you google ” blood pressure” and “heart rate” it gives you indications…

v.i.p. treatment @ casino royale

We’d been talking about doing it since we arrived in Goa mid November. Last night we finally did it! Though neither of us were expecting to do it like this…Just before sunset a complimentary car arrived to whisk us off to the pier where we were escorted as VIPs to the tender boat that brought […]