locked out

Today on our way back from the Red Fort Scott jumped out of the car to go to the room to get something and to use the bathroom at the hotel while I waited in the car. He arrived at the room and the key didnt work. He called down the hall to the housekeepers, their key didnt work. They called down the hall to someone else, their key didnt work. They went to the front desk and brought a manager with a master key. didnt work. Twenty minutes have passed in his condition it wasn’t good leaning against the wall. He needs a bathroom. A half hour has gone by and he is still in the hallway and sends somebody out to tell me he can’t get into our room even with a master key. That’s not what they told me, instead they indicated Scott was locked in the room but would be right out.

Meanwhile back in the hallway ten people are hanging out in front of the door including the guy with the drill, the locksmith, half the front desk, security. Scott uses another bathroom in another room and heads out to the car to see me and the driver. We leave and 45 minutes later back to the hotel they still havent fixed the lock. Scott says this isnt very secure, I can’t be in this room….The reason is if there was a robbery in our room of our things this would be a perfect coverup to jam the lock and keep us and security out of the room and give them time to get away. Everything turned out fine. PS: they upgraded us to a fancy suite from our third choice room. All the hotels we wanted were jammed up due to high season. Another day, another story.



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