no hurry, no worry, no curry

Before we left Devi Gargh, Scott suggested I go see the 900 year old Jain temple in the village without him. Scott has always encouraged me to get out there and take a break from making art in my studio, too. Since Scott was not up to sightseeing, a hotel guide went with me and asked me if I had heard of their local saying “no hurry, no worry, no curry”. It’s basically the equivalent of no problem or take it easy. Stop and smell the roses. Great advice. None of us knows how much time we’ve got, do we?


A special gift to any intrepid traveler who can identify the artifacts on the ceiling here at the Devi Gargh palace seen in the photo below:


8 thoughts on “no hurry, no worry, no curry

  1. My guess…. Door Bell
    Just started to follow your blog after noticing your comment on Jean Fogelbergs site
    You are both such strong courageous spirits
    Please know you now have one more person sending positive energy, love and peace to you


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