sacred beads


hard. to. blv. have. kept. these. sacred. and. amazing. beads since. day. little. sahdu
put them arnd. my. neck in a. park
still seems. like. ystrday
the. photo of. us in indiais.
one. of. my. most. cherished. things. such. great. wonderful. memories. for. me

glad. we. r bk in. touch. huge. love. and hugz
love. scooter

in mumbai. at. gate of. india. rt. now.
looking out to sea……
eating. the. most. amazing. japanese. food. .as. good as. tokyo. has. to offer
the. food. was. amazing. at evry. place. highest. quality.

Sdm nov 16, 2012

4 thoughts on “sacred beads

  1. Scooter. So happy we are in touch too. I think of you so much every day and do my best to send love and positive energy to you. I’ve had the photo in a special place in my studio and even a more special place in my heart. Have never lost track of it through all these years…some good years and some not so good but overall overwhelmingly good Buddy. Love and hugs to you. Katy’s post about the Wasabi spot and Marley too good! There is some power there meant for you. You give us all strength Scotto. Thank you.

    Dan Rizzie Sent from my iPad Please excuse typos


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