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Mumbai, November 16. 2012

The past three days have been the worst pain and other symptoms have appeared to add to Scott’s discomfort. Sounds emanating from the bathroom tell an excruciating story that brings no relief to my love. Nights are drenched with sweat and pain. Eating like a bird…but today he wanted to eat so of the eight restaurants here at the Taj Mumbai I chose the Japanese one called Wasabi.
A young man who resembled actor Andy Garcia in his Godfather days was overseeing the restaurant and was drawn to our table to engage in banter with Scott. His name is Raveen and he has a ‘smile as bright as a star’ according to Scott. Raveen realized from Scott’s garb and mala beads that he was special and had old hippie flare about him. He told us he loved his job because he meets so many great people at the Taj, for example he had met Bob Marley’s son the night before. He kindly brought Scott several dishes free of charge to try to stimulate Scott’s appetite, which worked as they were light and delicious and like nothing either of us had ever tasted before. When we got up to go we invited Raveen to meet up with us Saturday and we are looking forward to that.

The view from Wasabi was directly overlooking the Gate of India and it is right across the street, so is the bay. After lunch Scott felt up for a jaunt around the hotel….no small feat as the Taj is a gigantic complex with halls leading off in every direction. The walls are filled with fine art, some of it contemporary. We plan to take a tour of both the palace and the art collection this weekend.
While we were walking in the lobby Scott stood still for a few moments and before you know it, Rohan Marley walked into the lobby from outside the front door, smiled– no, beamed –at Scott and came immediately over to meet us. Wait a minute, isn’t this backwards? It was like Scott was the celebrity that Rohan wanted to meet. Rohan looks a lot like his father Bob and he asked his friend Sandy to take photos of us with him. Rohan was very friendly and stood talking with us for several minutes….enough time that he found out why we were in India and we learned that this was his first time here and that he was promoting a sustainable product that he makes. He seemed genuinely upset about Scott’s cancer and it was decided that we will have dinner together Saturday. Room numbers were exchanged and it so happens in this massive hotel Rohan Marley is staying in a suite a few doors down from ours.(This morning we were upgraded and moved here complimentarily but that is another story).

When we returned to the rooms Scott felt inspired that this meeting was meant to be. He got out his paints and did a watercolor to give to Rohan. He walked over to Rohan’s room to deliver it. The door was open and a retinue of people were there sitting around waiting for Rohan.Scott gave him the painting and came back to our room.



If that wasn’t enough, about an hour later there’s a knock on our door: it’s Rohan with an Indian woman in full sari that he introduces to us. He says it was no coincidence that he met Scott, he says this woman was with someone at his business meeting down the hall and the man said she cured him of cancer! Rohan said he felt immediately that his meeting Scott and then shortly after meeting this healer was not a coincidence. They asked Scott if he were open to it and he said, ‘YES!’. They left and Villy Doctor the healer)came back about a half hour later with her assistant Jaya. After asking Scott about his cancer and telling us stories about people she has cured, then explaining what she does — she said it is energy work and she receives the message from God on how to work with each person’s chakras– she proceeded to work on Scott for about half an hour. Mostly hand motions and some laying on of hands a few times with her and Scott’s eyes closed. She then did the same thing on 3 bottles of ordinary water that we supplied her with, converting them to 3 specific medicines, she told us. One is for pain, one is for appetite, and one is to kill cancer cells. The water is now ‘concentrate’ that he is to take 3 x a day and let her know what happens. They gave us their contact info, website URL to her foundation, and gave us both huge hugs without any mention of fees for Villy Doctor’s services.

I was dying to ask Scott how he felt during the session as I had not been able to read anything from this woman’s energy other than she was a kindly mother symbol. Scott’s phone rang so I had to wait. When he got off the phone he looked at me and said quietly, “Katy. Right now, the pain is gone.” Completely gone? Yes. He went to bed and it has been about an hour and a half since then. I just heard the family whistle, got up to go check on him, and he is awake. he just reported that the pain is still gone. I’ve given him the water for appetite…Villy said it should allow him to eat a normal meal….we plan to go out to eat in a little while.

Dare we hope…..?

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