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This picture was taken on October 30th at our Narita Airport hotel. We’d just come off a 13+ hour flight via Singapore Airlines sleeper cabins, a necessary luxury that made going to goa possible for Scott. We’ve both traveled extensively in Asia, more than a hundred trips, each independent of even knowing each other at the time.

Seasoned travelers will be familiar with the experience of quirky sign language where something is said in a way we are not used to (and frequently something humorous is gained in the translation). Take for example here in Goa where a road with Dangerous Curves is said to be an Accident Prone Area. Whereas in Maine, kayakers like Scott and me are called speedbumps by the lobster fishermen, here in Goa speedbumps are known as speedbreakers.

I’ve been to Japan too many times to count but have never seen an exit door described as an Escape Hatch. One thing that I learned the first time Scott had cancer is that every caregiver should have a daily escape hatch of some kind. Doing online research earlier this week I stumbled upon these 25 tips for caregivers that I found very helpful and some of you might, too.

So now that we are settled in here at our om-away-from-om I am searching for ways to nurture my spirit and body for awhile every day. My plan (besides chocolate consumption and sandalwood facial masques) is to set up a mini Art By Katy functioning art studio here at the Sur La Mer resort. Reminder to self: painting is my vocation and I am not on vacation. The art supply store I planned on going to today after seeing The Hobbit was not open. I’ll try again soon. Wish me luck! It’s time for this speedbreaker to go take care of herself.

3 thoughts on “sign language

  1. Glad you recognize the need to care for yourself as well, Katy. You need it. And you’re going to need the support from so many who surround you – take it. Sending love and prayers across the ocean and several lands to you and Scott. What an amazing journey you are both on. Most people could not do this, let alone include all of us in such a sojourn. Every blog I read is bittersweet to me. Keep on keeping on, but reach out when you need us. We’re love. Love, Judy & Paul


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