digital day

New digital art by Scott Morgan created Dec 22, 2012

The day so far…woke up at 6 AM. From outside a pounding noise. Repeatedly. Twenty minutes go by before I go out to investigate. It’s a little boy bouncing a soccer ball against the wall of our hotel two rooms up the terrace. The same little boy who came down yesterday to our French doors and began rattling the bolt lock and messing with my art supplies in my outdoor studio that is set up on our private end of the terrace. He has two sari-wrapped nannies that follow him around and indulge his every whim. I asked him to stop bouncing the ball. That didn’t work. Scott walked over in his bathrobe, grabbed the ball, tossed it in the pool, and came back to our room by 6:35 AM. We can’t order breakfast until 8AM. Scott created some digital art while waiting. Me? I read some pretty amazing thoughtful letters sent by email. Thank you!

3 thoughts on “digital day

  1. This is the best! That kid needs a big brother to set him straight. Way to go Scott!

    Kim and I just arrived at the beach for the Holidays. This is our long stay for 11 nights. After only working 5 days this week, a trip to the showroom in HP in a very hard rain and 40mph gusts driving home last night, these five days lasted a month. Last night Kim’s mother and father had us and Kim’s brother and wife for a Christmas feast and it was our best ever so I asked that we repeat it every year. We had the best short ribs that had the best taste and so tender.

    I talked to Dan Harrison yesterday and he sends his regards.

    Thanks for the great emails, it keeps your US friends close to you both.

    Night night,

    We love you guys,

    Charles and Kim

    Sent from my iPad


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