the art of chemo

  Chemo 2 © scott morgan fine art 2009   When Scott had cancer the first time in 2009, it was Stage II and his decision was to undergo chemotherapy treatment. These digital photographic collages were created by Scott within the 9.5 months he endured the harsh chemo drug therapy. In Chemo 2,  Scott’s self […]

a remembrance

…My divorced parents were each the first calls for his divorced parents, when Scottie finally passed.
We all knew it was coming…well, if Western doctors know anything. He was told 3 months…tops. It was 11. But it still took his aged, and somewhat remote parents by shock. Daddy told me that Jerry…


waterdance (c)scott morgan 2013 Living on the confluence of river and ocean at Miramar Beach has had a subliminal influence on Scott’s work. Waterdance began as a watercolor painting that Scott further manipulated digitally to create this exciting new piece shown here. The work was completed this week during his painting the night away session. […]

6 months later

thin man goes to goa /season 62 final episode (c) scott morgan 2013 Six months ago today Scott was in the hospital at UNC Chapel Hill getting the results of his colonoscopy emergency biopsy. The surgeon told him he had Stage IV matasticized stomach cancer, inoperable, nothing we can do, go home and get your […]