bear with him


Today a very special Fedex package from Alaska arrived for Scott. It contained a wooden walking stick that belonged to his Uncle Bob who passed away over a year ago. Bob Satin was Scott’s mother’s brother and a very influential figure in Scott’s life. Bob is the one that invited Scott to come to India to attend the AIS school in Delhi in 1968. The year that changed everything. The reason why we are in Goa now.

Guess what is carved on the end of the stick? Much to our delight: a bear’s head. I’m watching Scott as he sleeps in our bed right now, the bear stick clutched in his right hand by his side. Thank you to Uncle Bob’s widow Susan for sending this to Scott. The timing is perfect.

love it

bearly keep from crying…just rt timely

happy holidays


11 thoughts on “bear with him

  1. Hi Katy, hi Scott. It is such a lovely wood walking stick and such a beautiful gesture from his Aunt.
    Jeffrey just got back this morning and trust Sunny to miss hime at the gate!!! Lucky I was waiting with the dogs in the car and Jeffrey walked out of the airport with his luggage after waiting around for almost 45 min.. and I saw him!
    Kelly will be coming back this evening. The dogs are having a busy day going back and forth to the airport.
    Wishing you both a special Christmas! Enjoy.



    • Dear Po,

      Don’t blame Sunny…..he is an old man now;).

      I’m wishing you n the kids a very happy holiday season as well! Give everyone a hug from me n Scott. Heis so happy to hearfrom you. The sonnymeter was -2 today.

      Much love from Goa


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