hard rain

People have been telling us about it since we got here in Goa. Back then we didn’t believe we would be here to see it coming. That’s because back in November we were still fresh off our summer kayaking in Maine and processing shock of the bad news Scott received from his doctors in Chapel […]

space traveling

Here we are waiting for the froggie to poop. It’s been waaaay too long. Prescribed laxatives have not done the their job. This is how morphine and fentynol and dilaudid can complicate gastrointestinal problems. Our friend and host Aneel Verman at Sur La Mer insists he has the cure: beet root soup. Aneel finally got […]

born to be wild 1951

Scott Morgan’s portrait of Aneel above, Aneel’s poem to Scott below. Scott Morgan Born to be wild in 1951….will live forever in my heart….. To know him is to love him ….oh what a star… Came into our lives from seven oceans afar Shared his whole life with us and gives wholesome advice Last night […]

network central

You never know whom you might meet at the Hotel California. we have been continually entertained by the revolving door of Hollywood-meets-Bollywood, fashionistas and Russian gangstas, sports moghuls and Syrian princes, marketing whizzes and Malaysian lawyers drinking gin fizzes…the people we’ve met have been endlessly fascinating. For example, two young men staying here this weekend […]