christmas eve day


After a not-so-silent tumultuous evening–and some tremendous help from our friend John “JB” Benetti who came running when I called– the Synchronicity Santa arrived this morning bearing gifts that were uniquely meant for our Hero. Scott and I were sitting outside on the terrace waiting for breakfast when a lanky gentleman with spiky hair walked over to introduce himself as Joseph. From Canada. We asked him to join us.

Quickly we learned this other guest of the network central Hotel California has the same gastrointestinal cancer, recurrant, stage 3 that gives him a longer timeline but he is also terminally ill. He’s had the same previous surgeries as Scott including removal of intestine and temporary ostemy and chemo. He told us he has also decided to wrap up his affairs and live abroad…..his Goa happens to be Ibiza, Spain….and he will not take chemo again or end his days in the hospital. At this point a quiet young man of slight build with a great deal of presence joined us and his name is Matthew, Joseph’s life partner.

We shared lots of information with this couple and Scott showed Matthew his shaman beads and dragon’s eye mala because Matthew is a yoga and meditation man. His eyes lit up. Joseph told Scott about a laxative med that might help clear out his pipes better than what he is taking now and then went back to his room to count his pills and gave Scott the rest. Joseph said they also seem to help his ascitic fluid go down. He has had the drainage procedure done and confirmed for us it is a total waste of time: the fluid returns 3 days later.

We are checking with our oncologist in NC before taking this new drug but were so touched by Joseph’s generosity. Before they departed the hotel for the next leg of their journey, Matthew came back. He had a gift for Scott, too: the new mala beads you see in Scott’s hand here. Matthew told us he has been holding this mala while in deep meditation for many weeks and the wooden beads have lightened from their original deep red to a pale orange from absorbing his healing mantra.

I hugged both men as they left. Joseph pulled me close and said softly in my ear, Dahling, you’ve got guts! You and Matthew. Talk to each other, you know….after.

Scott’s in the Lazyboy today resting comfortably as you can see from this photo taken an hour ago right after he had a nice phone call with his baby bro in Cali. I am looking at some beautiful Christmas photos sent by my pit crew. (They know who they are!) With gratitude to JB, the Vermans and all of their wonderful hotel staff, our family, and loved ones throughout the world on this Christmas Eve day…… we love you!

4 thoughts on “christmas eve day

  1. As I read I can feel that there is a lot of love in the air in Goa…happy to hear and see that you received an early gift of mala beads from such a special person in Goa…believe and
    know not to ask where such people and gifts come from….you are in a very magical part of the world- blessings to you both, Pat


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