christmas gifts


Our Christmas Day so far…

Scott wrote a ribbeting poem under the influence of morphine that you can read here.. Soon after he had an uplifting phone call from his high school buddy, Pickles, who has been sending Scott daily emails of funny videos and arresting images such as the photo shown above. Sanjiv checked in, too, and that is always appreciated.

Later this morning Uncle Bob’s carved bear walking stick was improved by a local shoemaker who applied a non-skid rubber cap to the end. The much needed wedge pillow bolster that was custom made for Scott’s side of our bed finally was delivered and it’s brilliant. A 4″ foam mattress was also found and makes the bed much more comfy for Scott. His big sister finally caught him on facetime but it’s because she got up at 3AM her time. We are happy she did. I’m planning to stay up late tonight so I can call my family, too.

The hotel mascot Marlon Brando surprised us with a visit to our room and a walkabout the Lazyboy where Scott is ensconced watching bad TV. I watched as Marlon cleverly opened our double French doors with one swipe of his giant paw, pulling the first set of glass doors open then pushing the second layer of screen doors in. Hershey has similar skills.

The best time was had today giving out small tokens of appreciation to staff and gifts to friends. Giving always feels better than receiving, doesn’t it? That’s one of the secret keys to happiness.

Much to our delight, new friend and Scott’s soul brother Rohan Marley wrote him that he will come visit us February 8th, giving Scott the gift of an additional anchor along with achieving his 62nd birthday on February 16th. We plan to join the hotel gang around the bar at 7:30pm for some holiday songs n cheer…

One thought on “christmas gifts

  1. Glad the walking stick is ready for walking
    and new pillows/cushions….Yippy Skippy!! Yes, it is better to give, the joy is so healthy for the giver…sometimes it out weighs the joy
    that the recipient experiences 😉


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