hat’s off to 2013









What a memorable New Year’s Eve we had. Dinner at Sur La Mer (Scott had some tender calimari and I had prawn tandoori) at 10pm, back outside to watch fireworks from the yard at midnight, and then an hour of sleep before we went out again to mingle with guests and our host and hostess from 1:45am-3:15am! Along the way we received this great photo of a lotus from Katy’s friends Brigitte and Knute in Portugal. There were also some crazy hats laying about as you can see here. What did we do last year? We were in bed by 9:45pm :). Tell us what you did last night!

4 thoughts on “hat’s off to 2013

  1. Ran into these two Khazachstaniz. They must have been out of their gourdz. Or maybe drinking from those gourdz. We had fun on New Year’s Eve! Hope everyone did. Had fun being busy all day making art, calling people.Can’t wait for tomorrow! -sdm


  2. Highlight of my New Years Eve was the surprise phone call at 11:30 from you guys…perfect timing. What a way to always remember the start of 2013 !
    Oh, love those hats SDM


  3. The hats are perfect…so not the party store! Neighbors invited a bunch of other neighbors over for dinner and bubbles and we figured out that we were all a bunch of “losers” with no place to go…but fun losers!! Home before the ball dropped, for a dance~perfect nite for a couple of losers/lol


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