new year, new art

Watercolor painting by Scott Morgan (c)2013

This Goan landscape is Scott’s very first watercolor painting of 2013. Scott says it is a painting of Goa that he did in bed from his head. It felt good to do it. When he finished the painting he got a phone call from his good friend Bill Degolia who was siing in northern California. It sounded really great and exciting. Until he said it was 20 degrees out. Scott told him it was a regular day in Goa 90 degrees and so humid his nuts were melting so he hadto stay inside.


9 thoughts on “new year, new art

  1. Scott and Katy, just caught up with the last few days of “blogs”. 2013 is here and we celebrated as usual…at home with a dozen friends. No chance I would be caught out on the town on New Year’s Ever. Nancy and I think of you both every day and hope that you continue to find enough happy things to counter the pain and discomfort. You are both the best!!!!


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