letter from home

Scott received this email from a pal in High Point that became a very close friend within the last year. This put a smile on Scott’s face today and he wanted to share it:

I went to the house a few days ago. Looks good. Nothing in the mail of importance.
Going to the house is always a reminder of the good friendship we developed in such a short time and the fun times we had and the times we missed. I am thankful for the times we spent together and the friendship we developed. You were my first friend in High Point and helped me on my ways to a full life in the Piedmont. Adventures to Winston Salem and directions in High Point, lunch in Greensboro, all memories that bring a smile to my face. You gave me stories to tell and help push me to have adventures in the future. All because of one fortuitous dinner in a Thai Dive. One makes friends when the opportunity presents and obviously we both have done that all our lives. Be well and continue to take pleasure from that which you do, the small and special things.

Love Jack & Joanne

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