a little bird told me

I pulled into my driveway after a hike with my dog. For a minute or two I sat there as I pondered the enormity of a particular problem I’m dealing with today. “What do you think I should do, Scott?”, I realized I had said this out loud. No sooner said than something caught my eye. […]

date night / pope’s last day

new. from. the. zoo. somewhere. in. my. mind. hope. all are. well. n. happy katy. n. scott. went. out. by. taxi. with wheelchair. as. escort. had. date….. wa s. gre at. now. in. cafe. sitting. up….painting. just. finished…. katy. just. arrvd……watching. sunset…..over. water n. mtns. fantastic. time. day hugs. to. all love. from. goa New […]