enjoy. your. life. to fullest


seaside cafe painting ( c) scott morgan 2013

all art. done in. cafe. overlooking sea,relaxes. me,evry. day spend. few. hours. painting
just. belw. pool. full people. then. ocean. beach. ,feeling. good,katy. great.
nice to be. out everyday. now. hope weather is finallly. getting. better. seems like winter came. to. midwest n east. every three weeks,still heat. records. here. in. goa
over .100. almost daily. one short stroll by. chairiot on wheels. even in am. brutal heat

enjoy. your. life. to fullest. stay. happy n healthy life is. short. stop…….smell the roses. hug your loved. ones. call your freindz n family
be. here. now
every. day. is. amazing. if i see the. sun go. up. n down
goa. is. like. mars……..far. away. but. its. …….india. is also. like. mars. ……..so. far…..
happy artist. enjoying. each. hour,day,have. my lover. w. me. and. glad. to. be. alive
……….gotta. run. go see the. sun come. up………..once. more. before its. to hot out.

skyfall 007 ancestral home (c) scott morgan 2013

this next one…looking. back. at. home. land. they. remember. everyone. left behind in. oz
my view. from cafe acrosss sea……….goa

looking.back.at. homeland (c) scott morgan 2013

9 thoughts on “enjoy. your. life. to fullest

  1. Thank you for the words of wisdom, Scott, you are an inspiration to us all. Juley and I celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary yesterday, we are very happy, Kindness is the key.


  2. Scott – lovely to hear from you. Wow…..I was scrolling over pics and saw the ancestral pile of rock and immediately said `Skyfall’….only to notice right after that the title. Just watched that with Lucy for the second time a couple of nights ago. Good film. Funny – she has now become hooked on James Bond and we watched `From Russia with Love’ last week… her words to Sarah/Mum…..`AWESOME’.

    Don’t know how much access you have to books….maybe ereader….just finished (in one night) Julian Barnes’ latest `A Sense of Ending’……a little bleak but very realistic about fate etc.

    Off to see my 95 (almost 96) year old Mum and get her out to our place to sit in the sunshine for an hour or so…..then tomorrow off to the River house on the Chesapeake to get the boat out and blow all the cobwebs out of our collective hair.

    Be well my friend. Andy

    Andy Thornton LaDIFFERENCE International Furnishings 125 South 14th Street Richmond, VA 23219 (804) 648-6210 (804) 648-1409 Fax athornton@ladiff.com http://www.ladiff.com “Located in the heart of Richmond’s Shockoe Design District”


  3. We watched “You Only Live Twice” and “Diamonds Are Forever” this weekend plus “Our Man Flynt” spoof james coburn as Bond n also “The President’s Analyst”…..awesome filmfest in our room! Thanks Any n everyone for posting comments n taking the time to stop n smell…the blog! Xo 😉 katy


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