whatz. five months to me.march 13


It was. five. months ago. today….
i was sitting in the hospital room after a biopsy,colonoscopy,etc
that my. surgeon wthree other doctors. came into. my room
in my groggy state ,i sat up. and said hello
she. the surgeon,then asked. me ? do i kow. my name,where was I,did i know. what operations were done. few. hours earlier,was I aware of. what hospial I was in whats my oncologist name

i replied,got. an a on the test. and. she leaned. in
close. and said

your. cancer is back………….ok,I said
she then proceeded. to explain it was outside. my. stomach,spreading. fast
uncontainable ,unoperable,any more treatment. was fruitless,no. chemo or operation was going. to help. in future,that. I. had. two maybe. four. months. to. live
and. to. go. home
make. my. plans. on whats. next,and it was way past stage. four.

to. say the least. i was speechless. and. sat ataring. at. the four. of them in silence
I said. ok. thanks,and. asked. when i could leave. unc. chapel n.c. and. head. back. home. to. tell
four. five. hours. later. i was. dressed and out. door,at. the exit, i knew i was. going to India
to remain. for. the. time. I was. told had. left. to live.
made appts. the next week w surgeon. and oncologist of last four years
and was picked up. soon driven home………
two weeks later was onindian. soil in new delhi nov 2

its. now. five months. later.
my stomach. is flat,the expansion of fluids was drained two mo. ago
22-1/2 pounds lighter,
and. my pain. management changed. from methadone,to patches on my shoulder
that send morphine like drugs,fifty x stronnger,
into my. body 24/7
changed every 72 hours

i am walking. getting out daily. by wheelchair. seeing. the ocean. smiling at every ,person i see
jovial,happy. and. seeing. doctors weekly in my hotel room,all are amazed at. my good spirit. health,blood pressure,happy go lucky. good vibes,was bedridden. not. to walk ever
again and losing. pounds. fast ,until. now,
feeling. good. have. eating. plumbing. problems,daily,but. out of. pain
see the sun come up n go down.
glad. to be here in goa. india. and. not. a bed in a hospital with. tubes n chemo and nurses all
over surrounded by sick people ,
have. made. a choice to be in a place where. i. can control. my. destiny my future. and.
will know when time. is up.

you only live once
make. time. to. stop. your. busy. life and. remember. every. day. whats important
in the end. you are alone,but.
spend time with. your family. and friends. and. do the. things you always wanted
go. to the places. you have dreamed about. to visit. stay focused on
whats. the most. important. things. in. your. life
i. am 62 yrs old,had wondeful life full of. love. travel seeing. the. art of the world.
am with the most loving amazing woman caring woman on the planet
and happy. .camper.
sending. love. and thanks. to all I have known. thruout my life
its all about. family n freinds in the end
enjoy. your. stay on this crowded planet. make time. to smell the roses

its. my. five month anniversary

wow. this has been some. journey

love. n hugz to all
scott david morgan

to. live

lotus (c) scott morgan 2013

20 thoughts on “whatz. five months to me.march 13

  1. This is one of the best and most significant things I have ever read. Scott you are an amazing human. To make any choice at a time like this is difficult to impossible. To mke the choice you made and make it work is both a miracle and a testament to your inner strength and constitution. Bravo to you, and those of us who are your friends should lucky to know you. I know I do. xxoo R I Z


  2. Thank you Scott for your words, I will always remember…….not to forget the wisdom you shared. As well with your art …….good and truly inspired works they are. Stay comfortable and at peace. Katy is a saint.


  3. Well.. I can’t find words.. , but agree 200 % with what Tim Brown, Dan Rizzie, and Steve Galerkin said already. THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANKYOU ! – for your wisdom, your art and all. – I heard you singing the blues.. – WOW ! – Out-of-this-world fantastic and deeply touching. Never heard a greater blues !

    With love – from freezing Copenhagen, Denmark


  4. Scott – what a wonderful and moving email. Thank you so much for sharing.

    I don’t know if you remember Sig Gordon……he was with Sherwood and then Techline and then went into his own futon business. Sig is a dear old friend….now 78. He took me to Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia for my first time about 18 years ago amongst many other times we spent together. He is now institutionalized in DC with Alzheimers. I went up to DC yesterday to visit his wife and then we went to see him. I think he remembered me once…it was quite sad and I cried – but he still has the same twinkle in his eye and wonderful smile.

    In all events…..life throws curve balls at us….certainly you know that more than most of us. Your spirit and charm and attitude give us all a wonderful lesson and attitude to follow.

    Be well….and keep posting!

    Andy Thornton LaDIFFERENCE International Furnishings 125 South 14th Street Richmond, VA 23219 (804) 648-6210 (804) 648-1409 Fax athornton@ladiff.com http://www.ladiff.com “Located in the heart of Richmond’s Shockoe Design District”


  5. Dear Scott you are an amazing human being and you are leaving such a precious legacy. Your attitude,many talents and especially your artwork will live in our hearts forever. Hugs & kisses. Myrna


  6. The response to Scott’s post today via blog, email, and facebook has been overwhelming and deeply felt by Scott and me. We cannot thank you all enough for taking time out of your busy lives to stop and smell OUR roses. Scott’s passion for life is transcendent. Yours can be, too. Live your dream!


  7. Your words are inspirational, Scott. Our time on this earth is limited. When my time draws near, I will think of you, and try to follow your example. May even go to India for my final checkout. Why not? Peace to you, my brother.


  8. Scott, Though we’ve never met, I send all my love to you and Katy . You’re inspirational and a great mate to my dear friend Katy. I am smelling the flowers as I type. XX Robin


    • Robin, A flower just fell on me as I was reading this….no kidding….jasmine or some tropical tree here not sure what, all wite n pointy like a star flower. Thanks for the love. I was on youtube yestrday n saw I had one of Cliff’s videos there in my file….i think it was the musical tribute to his father. Scott is available as a singer if the Ol’ Number 7 needs another good one 🙂 Love, K

      Sent from my iPad


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  12. Hello Scott, I am one who attended AIS after your time there. You and Katy are such an inspiration, your courage to take a non-traditional tack is enlightening. I plan to hold safe your messages on how to do it right, how to see things clearly. It makes so much sense. Thank you for living a good life, earning an A+ on this difficult course, and most of all, sharing your “class notes” with us.


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