50 to 55 in a flash


My brother’s gf sent me this pic yesterday ( thanks, Patty!) and it brought back a flood of good memories. I have a birthday coming up on Monday. Double nickels, as a friend in Maine said. But this photo was taken on my 50th. Five years ago Scott took me on a trip to China. He had to go on business but we sure had a lot of fun visiting museums, markets, and temples. My birthday was celebrated at– where else?– a favorite Thai restaurant, but in Guanzhou, China. Only Scott could manage to gather 8-10 people to celebrate with us no matter where we happen to be on any given birthday. Who cares if they are new acquaintences or old friends…it’s the idea of carpe diem that counts. Seize the day. We are.

4 thoughts on “50 to 55 in a flash

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