mirror mirror.on.the.wall

Self Portrait March 15, 2013 (c) Scott Morgan

nxt. day. after. fifth. anniv.day
today. 14
was. alittle. crazed…….this am…….wow factor. off the charts……..
got up. walked to. shower. fifteen steps. away……
first time in two mo. in. shower,been. sponge. bathing. in. bed,

with. helpfrom. male. nurse asfal. who got me walking. again. …..then. had. biggest

shock. since. dr. told. me. cancer. was back..five. months. ago

saw. my self in full length mirror in bathroom

oh. my. goodness

almost. fainted. been two months

since. looked. or could. look

i. must. be 125 pounds. all skin. bones mhad. to sit. down. in suspended. shock

was. almost. not. even. there
…….it. was. unerving

i. am. looking 100 years. old. like. war holocaust camp. survivor…yikes…went. into. 25. min. silent. place. in. bathroom….really. taken. by surprise……

put me. into. very. hard strange new peerspective……..will be. fine. but. katy. was at brkfast

and my. body. has. poof. dissapeared. ……… sad. sight. was. tempted. to. take. photos. …
backed. off got. into bed. contemplate. what. this. is. going to do. to. my. spirit and. positive. outlook
very. scary. sight,
katy. back. we. r. talking. now. she realizes. what. i. went. thru…just hour. ago.

its. just. new. news. and quite. ,on. my. part. unexpected. had. no. idea. looked. like. this.

onward,to. explore. new. places and. get. out smell roses,soon

will. be. fine. just. scared. poop. outa. me……

hugz. n. love

scotty. waddy.

13 thoughts on “mirror mirror.on.the.wall

  1. Wow Scott… Don’t let it get to you. Think of it as information if you must think of it at all. Doesn’t matter what is on the outside… it’s what’s on the INside–your spirit, your zest for each moment, each new day. The sun going up. The sun going down.

    THAT is what keeps you going. Spirit. Love. Katy. Art. Friends’ love from afar.

    You are beautiful, creative, fucking amazing. It’s why we all love you!


  2. Your cool, Scott, but I imagine it was quite a sight……Keep trying to get out like you are doing and by all means smell those roses. Not a day has gone by that you and Katy have’nt been a part of our daily conversations…..peace and hugs


  3. Scott, I’ve been thinking about you all day. You don’t know me but I went to school with Doug Haney’s sister in New Delhi many years ago. Last night, watched the commitment ceremony of you and Katy. I was very moved and was thinking that although you looked very thin (like you had cancer), you had a wonderful light to you. I think you are in the right place with the exact right person. I’m counting on you to beat the odds, and expect you to beat the odds. We never know when we’ll leave this life and I hope you get to keep moving forward continuing to bring joy to those around you.


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  5. Dear Scott ~ We have not met. And I only knew your beloved for a few years as ‘newly arriveds’ to NYC from each ‘our little towns’.
    My husband and I have come so to love you both. I read the blog daily and on weekends my husband and I sit in front of the screen and read together ~ and cry together ~ and laugh together ~ and share ~ and share ~ together. This gift we thank you and your beloved Katy.

    Re: the mirror – oh the mirror … you know, yes you know, as with all your adventures ‘hold on tight and don’t look down’ – back flips on the tight-rope – you know how it’s done. (this from a 2x bigC once down to 74 lbs) it’s today. You know today.

    I’m guessing you have thousands of readers out there. I have spoken with my Woodstock gang and totally unsolicited ~ unconnected but for that wonderful golden thread of synchonicity have they mentioned ‘this guy and his woman ~ gone to goa’. There is no measure to the impact ~ the gift ~ the legacy. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

    The world is a better place because of you two.


    neesa & evan


    • neesa & evan,

      first, thank you for being such menschs regarding our blog.

      secondly, denise we are happy to hear you beat it twice.( and as i recall you never weighed much more than that back in the day, gf!)

      thirdly…seriously? other people you know are finding the blog on their own? we always knew we’d be ‘big in japan’ but WOODSTOCK?! (please tell me todd rundgren is following our blog)…

      lastly, big hugs to both of you from scott and me.


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