an ordinary saturday

So many of you write in when we miss a day of posting that I feel a little guilty if I don’t have some poignant awesomeness to share with you about Scott’s journey. Some days are better than others, as U2’s Bono laments in one of their songs. While Scott and I both believe every day is a good day, sometimes there isn’t anything to share but another aggressive crow incident( this time a crow was spotted drinking from my water glass while I was swimming). Or that after pretty much 2-3 days of eating birdlike quantities of liquid food Scott woke up hungry. And so we went to breakfast two hours earlier than I normally do and he had an omelette and toast and juice.

We then went for a roll’n’stroll on the hotel grounds, stopping to sit awhile and contemplate the ocean together in silence. Wound up in the lobby where Scott set up his portable studio. Chef Samantha dropped by to say hi after delivering 100 decorated Easter eggs to the AZ.uR Cafe. A few minutes later the nurse came to give Scott his massage. Today I will be continuing to scan Scott’s art for the book of his paintings that we are producing together. So thanks for thinking of us and keep sending those great emails, pics, and blog comments, too. Enjoy your weekend!

Scott having fun in Miami during Art Basel Miami 2010.

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