spring break


Our blog followers know why Monday was a good- no, great!- day for us. Here’s the proof. Roberto’s son Alan with Scott and Katy. Later Scott and I marveled that such a visit was possible and that these two young people ( Alan and his friend Eeshan) had their entire lives ahead of them…adventure, travel, love…the possibilities wide open for these bright boys. My heart skipped a beat absorbing the full implication of what it means to be 21 years old. Oh! the places you will go!….

6 thoughts on “spring break

  1. I’m visiting my brothers son etc. very sad business BUT this picture made me so happy! Hugs and love from West by God Virginia !

    Dan Rizzie Sent from my iPad Please excuse typos


  2. Roberto asked me to post this for him:
    It was very emotional to me. My dear Scott, best friend and mentor decided to go to GOA….at a later date my dear son Alan asks if he could/should go to India with his good friend Eishan who invited him to a family wedding. “What an opportunity!”, I say,” to visit India with a local family”. When I ask… “where is the wedding?” he says” GOA”. That is an unbelievable coincidence! I asked my son if he would go visit my friends and bring them my personal hug…..since then it has been Scott’s birthday, Katy’s birthday and now this very emotional and exciting moment. I’m happy my son was able to meet my great friend. Love.


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