san francisco treat


Super Synchronicity was recently at play in the magical city of San Francisco. Scott’s buddy Craig in a rental car with his wife Laada (happy 31st anniversary!) straight off the plane from snowy Chi-town pull in to a gas station to ask directions. Standing at the next pump? Scott’s other buddy Bill, who doesn’t live there either. Craig sent us this photo and told Scott they were half expecting him to come up and give them a hug. Bill and Craig have known each other 30 years. Scott has known each of them nearly 40 years. Both of them attended the High Point farewell party. These are two of my closest friends in the whole world, Scott told me. What are the odds?

3 thoughts on “san francisco treat

  1. That is completely crazy, and somehow so very normal in the Scott Morgan world. I LOOOOOOOVE this kind of synchronicity , I do. Hey Scott: will see my whole family here in LA in about a month: Parke and I getting a biog award from a social justice organization in LA called Liberty Hill (yeah, you can google and FB this event and us everywhere) on April 23, and everyone coming in…then we’ll celebrate Dad’s 90th together…which doesn’t actually happen til May 14th, but we’ll all be together before..and dad and Alicia decided to go to Bali in May!. Parke and I decided to take the kids to Turkey mid June..we’re excited. MUCH LOVE TO YOU BOTH, Alis


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