the elephant in the room

There’s been an elephant in the room for a few weeks now. We knew we were scheduled to be moved Wednesday. The hotel had a diamond industry conference booked one year in advance, 100 rooms and all their 8 available suites ( including the one we occupy). Neither of us was looking forward to the downsizing from two rooms into one. We did it before during wedding season, but this past week Scott has been needing more and more bedrest. Guess what I found out when I went to the front desk yesterday to make arrangements for the room transfer? The diamond conference had just been postponed that morning, meaning we did not need to vacate our ‘home’. Could it be the elephant in the room was Lord Ganesh, pleased with this post that I blogged the day before? You decide. What matters to us is the obstacle of the day was removed. Bigtime.

Self Portrait April 10 (c) Scott Morgan 2013

2 thoughts on “the elephant in the room

  1. It was def Ganesh and Scott’s ability to handle hotel affairs. He has always been a master at getting the best rooms……!

    Dan Rizzie Sent from my iPad Please excuse typos


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