ever widening circles

This epic journey is rife with synchro-mystic moments that fill these two kids with wonder. I hope it’s woken up the wanderlust and inspired people like you to recognize the magic at play all around each of us if we’ve got our hearts and minds open to it. Scott’s cousin Allie coined the phrase human […]

6 months later

thin man goes to goa /season 62 final episode (c) scott morgan 2013 Six months ago today Scott was in the hospital at UNC Chapel Hill getting the results of his colonoscopy emergency biopsy. The surgeon told him he had Stage IV matasticized stomach cancer, inoperable, nothing we can do, go home and get your […]

the elephant in the room

There’s been an elephant in the room for a few weeks now. We knew we were scheduled to be moved Wednesday. The hotel had a diamond industry conference booked one year in advance, 100 rooms and all their 8 available suites ( including the one we occupy). Neither of us was looking forward to the […]