13,000 miles song on youtube

Our friends Arjun and his cousin Karrin came by to visit last week on April 19th. Arjun brought his guitar. If you recall, he sang for us at our commitment ceremony and his family owns and operates the Sur La Mer Hotel & Restaurant. Scott and I were treated to several of Arjun’s melodious songs. Then Scott spontaneously came up with a new one of his own called “13,000 Miles”. You can click here to watch Arjun playing and hear Scott singing on YouTube. It wasn’t until this very Saturday morning in Goa that Scott looked up how far High Point, NC is from Panjim, Goa. It’s 13,600 kilometers. Are we surprised? Another synchromystic moment along our journey in Goa.
Photo on 3-23-13 at 6.31 AM
self portrait (c) scott morgan 2013

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