waterdance (c)scott morgan 2013

Living on the confluence of river and ocean at Miramar Beach has had a subliminal influence on Scott’s work. Waterdance began as a watercolor painting that Scott further manipulated digitally to create this exciting new piece shown here. The work was completed this week during his painting the night away session. It’s already been sold!

4 thoughts on “waterdance

  1. Really one of the best enhancements I’ve ever Seen. Very effective….love it!

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  2. Had it not already been sold, I would of been asking to buy it myself
    This is fabulous. Scott, I know your days are difficult, but to continue to be inspired and produce the work you do is inspiring to me. I have MS and there are days I just don’t even want to get out of bed. Then I think of you and thank the universe that I have MS.


  3. I say prayers for you BOTH each day. My spirit feels the light of yours. To know your life has touched so many in a powerfully loving way is the best one could ever hope for in life.
    I hope you’re able to see the Lyrids meteor shower where you are…. It’s the universe shooting off fireworks for you both !


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