portals & paintings

(fu dog (c)scott morgan 2013)

Scott painted all of these on Sunday and Monday of this week. We’ve been experiencing energy surges since then–both the Goan power supply and Scott’s personal energy supply–which is why we are just getting around to scanning and uploading them today. But I think you’ll agree that these pieces were definitely worth the wait.

(monday (c)scott morgan 2013)
When he’s not painting, Scott and I have been streaming movies to watch online. We’ve been watching a wide assortment of genres and some are oldies, even watched a Silent Era version of Last of the Mohicans. We continue to be grateful for all the wonderful support and news and feedback we get from back home. When you are physically limited to one room it becomes even more important to have a window on the world.

(clouds (c)scott morgan 2013)

In turn, these works of art are a window into your friend Scott’s mind, heart, and soul. I have often thought of paintings as portals that can transport the viewer into another time and space. I felt that connection to artists from other eras intensely when Scott and I traveled to Europe two years ago and viewed so many great masterpieces together.

(my love(c)scott morgan 2013)

Art connects generations of artists and viewers to each other. The desire to create and make art goes back to the cave paintings of ancient man, maybe further in ephemeral media like sand paintings.

(untitled (c)scott morgan 2013)

2 thoughts on “portals & paintings

  1. My Art 3 class says Thank you for a million billion smiles. We are working on pieces that recall yours, scott. We are also listening to you sing.


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