strong new paintings

It is hard to believe that Scott’s heart rate is 60 and his BP at 80/60 when one views these 3 gorgeous new paintings he completed yesterday. Horse was done on smooth Arches paper. He told me he contemplated whether or not to put a tail on and decided against. The city scape …

doctor morgan’s cabinet

new. art thurs,from.  my. head.  not. a book. very. happy. w. cabinet ,first. time…… having.  lot.  of. art. flowing. out been. stimulated by.  hospital.  show. new. foundation…forming. now. thru. psychiatrist. existing. foundation. smile2 the end… trying.  to. get. concept.  into. hospitals.  in.  many. locations,to. help. people at. end. of. life. terminal ill.  that. are.  depressed,using. […]

art from the heart

These 3 paintings were done this week from the bed studio. Scott grabs his brush and paints any time he has a smidgeon of energy. The stone or rock wall theme has emerged as a new direction in Scott’s work. Here we have a pathway to infinity surrounded by what Scott says is “lots and lots of flowers”. Another….