CONTEMPLATION © scott morgan 2013

Scott told me to title this one “Contemplation” because the man on the bench seems to be doing just that and Scott himself is wondering why he painted a Mexican guy on a bench with King Kong in the background. There is of course also a monument to his Uncle Bob’s iconic bear cane. It has reached mythic status here in Goa. The emerging stone wall theme is well represented here, too. I wonder what the kids in Lisa Sterling’s art class in Greensboro, NC will think of this one? Suggestion: put on Jimi Hendrix’ Electric Lady Land album and see what happens!

4 thoughts on “contemplation

  1. I see it as King Kong reaching for the elusive brass ring, and being distracted by the more real life concerns of birds. Meanwhile the man on the bench is oblivious to the lurking gorilla in the room!


  2. Hi Scott and Katy,
    I really like this painting. It makes as much sense to me as real life. Puzzling, incongruous and entertaining. Especially beautiful stones in the wall.
    I recorded the a video during Awanadjul Almanac today, about bees, will send tomorrow. I would like to see birds like the ones you painted someday.


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