all is by my side is a lie

Scott came of age in the 60’s and Jimi Hendrix was his all time fave as much for his personal fashion esthetic as well as his music. I could easily imagine this photo with Scott’s face among the exotic embroideries and silks….


3 months later

…Three months that passed without my permission, three months of holding my breath underwater, three months of living without Scott to have and to hold. We are getting on, Hershey, Loolie and I. The distant vibrancy of Goa permeates my soul,…


Scott told me to title this one “Contemplation” because the man on the bench seems to be doing just that and Scott himself is wondering why he painted a Mexican guy on a bench with King Kong in the background. There is of course also a monument to his Uncle Bob’s iconic bear cane. It has reached mythic status here in Goa. The …